Welcome back!

As a recap, here’s what we’ve learned about making our destiny our reality:

Claim your destiny. It’s a vital part of God’s plan for our larger community. Every time a destiny is fulfilled, the world advances.

Begin or begin again. No matter what comes after, once you take that first step – or dare to try again – you’ll build momentum, gain support from unexpected places, and encounter divine assistance.

Create defensible space. Not everyone will be in favor of your new life. You can’t leave your destiny exposed and at risk. You need a safety zone around it so that any fires that come will sweep around rather than tear through.

Claim your resurrection power. The resurrection wasn’t a one-time deal and there’s no earthly problem you could possibly have that He can’t overcome. I know too many stories of miracles to believe otherwise.

Find healthy support. Everyone needs the benefit of wise counsel and encouragement from people they can trust. One positive voice can be enough to power you through any turbulence you might encounter and see you safely through to the other side.

Unshackle yourself from the past. Every day you wake up you’re given a chance to create yourself anew. You won’t be able to make progress if the weight of the past has you stuck in place. Things you went through  or mistakes that you made may have permanent consequences, but they do not define who you are permanently.

Discern the vision for the future. Your dreams come from God and are how He directs you towards what you’re meant to do. It’s easy for those dreams to get buried under burdens or obligations. But if you get still and quiet, you’ll hear your dreams whisper that they have been waiting for you all along.

Chart your course. Planning your destiny requires knowledge of the terrain, an understanding of current environmental conditions, and a map that will get you where you want to go.

Set a sustainable pace. Create a mindful, strategic plan for minimizing any potential negative impact, by setting a pace that you realistically sustain over time. Building your destiny at the expense of your health or your family defeats the purpose.

Show up and work your plan. This is the step when your destiny finds life or is relegated to the scrap heap of what could have been. All that’s left to do is show up and carry out the plan.

Overcome challenges. Sometimes the greatest resistance you’ll encounter happens right before a major breakthrough. When you are birthing something new for God the dark forces don’t want you to succeed. Problems are not necessarily a sign of doing something wrong, they can be a sign of doing something very right.

Finish the race. After everything it’s taken to reach this point, the only way to fail is to quit. You’re right on the verge of enjoying the fruits of your labor. You’ve faithfully sowed the seeds of your destiny and it is time for your bountiful harvest.

Friends I hope you have enjoyed this teaching series. It’s been an honor to have you here with me. I am praying that your amazing destiny makes your life complete, and our world a better place. From my heart to yours, forever and always, Namaste!