Destiny: Time, Money, Logistics, and Momentum

Welcome back! Your ability to stick with a budget of both time and money, and cooperate with your family about the logistical choices you've made, is a major predictor of your success. One wonderful aspect of pursuing your destiny is that normally you won't have anyone standing over you making you be accountable. It's all [...]

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Destiny: Sustainable Pace

Welcome back! After you've charted your course, you'll want to set a pace that can be sustained over time. The effort and energy required will vary depending on your task at the time. No whitewater rafting trip involves paddling nonstop at maximum effort. You spend a lot of time on the water conserving energy and [...]

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Destiny: Strategize For The Long Game

Welcome back! Planning our destiny is a lot like running the rapids. What appears to be the easiest way through a challenge may actually set us up for greater difficulty later. We have to be thinking at least three steps ahead: 1) what's right out in front of us, 2) what's in the middle distance, [...]

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