“In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.” Romans 12:6 NLT

Hello Team Destiny, and welcome to the first installment of a one-year mini-study of Make Your Destiny Your Reality. Each month we will send out one written blog, and one video blog. Our team is committed to adding value to your life through a variety of tools designed to appeal to all learning styles.

Each month we will focus on one chapter of the book. The chapters are: Claim Your Destiny, Begin or Begin Again, Create Defensible Space, Claim Your Resurrection Power, Find Healthy Support, Unshackle Yourself from the Past, Discern the Vision for the Future, Chart Your Course, Set a Sustainable Pace, Show Up and Work Your Plan, Overcome Challenges, and Finish the Race.

The essence of chapter one teaches that your destiny is your birthright and a vital part of God’s plan for our larger community. Building your destiny gives you a powerful way to overcome the hardships of the past, make up for any mistakes you’ve made, and create a life of abundant victory and joy. But it’s not going to just show up on your front porch one day. You’ve got to go after it! You’ve got to make a decision to claim it. If you had a winning lottery ticket you wouldn’t sit around and stare at it. You’d go cash it in. So it is with your destiny. It’s the winning lottery ticket of life plans for you, and it’s trying to get your attention, right now. Can you hear it? What is it, and what are you waiting for?! This is your time, this is your destiny, today is the someday you always talked about, now go get it!!

Our team greatly looks forward to helping you achieve breakthrough success in your life! Until then, take good care of yourself and those you love, strive for excellence, and keep your dreams right out in front of you.

Respectfully yours,

Meditation for this week
Today I will think about two trails I have the opportunity to follow in my life. One viagraforhealthyman.com leads me to my destiny. One doesn’t. What will life be like for me and my family at the end of each trail? Great Spirit, thank you for giving me the wisdom to make strategic choices for my future.