Destiny: Chart Your Course

Welcome back! Once you've discerned what you believe your God given destiny is, you'll need to chart your course for reaching it. Back home in Montana we do a lot of whitewater rafting. I was like a lot of people, with skills proficient enough to regularly run Class III rapids, up to an occasional Class [...]

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Destiny: The Final Piece To Our Personal Puzzle

Welcome back! One of the most beautiful aspects of our destiny is that it will never harm us. Our physical and emotional health will not be compromised because of it. Fulfilling it will require us to live in balance, make wise choices, and be good stewards of every blessing we've been granted. It offers us [...]

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Destiny: Just Make Progress

As you think about all of this, keep in mind that very few of us have the luxury of abruptly changing our lives and heading off in a new direction. For most of us it's a progressive process. Please do not decide that your real gift in life is camping, and then run off and [...]

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