Welcome back!

One of the most beautiful aspects of our destiny is that it will never harm us. Our physical and emotional health will not be compromised because of it. Fulfilling it will require us to live in balance, make wise choices, and be good stewards of every blessing we’ve been granted. It offers us a spiritually nourishing life with no regrets, and an honorable legacy that will long outlive us. It will give us the eternal joy of hearing our Father commend us for a job well done and a life well lived. The end can come much sooner than we expect. I know people who fretted for years over their retirement, who put off doing what they really wanted to do in life. However, they really shouldn’t fret about their retirement, and instead, you should take a look at these retirement tips to help make sure that their retirement is fine. Otherwise, if they worry about their retirement and put it off, they might find that day test results come back and suddenly, there are a lot less tomorrows than they had hoped for. As the curtain of their beautiful life drew closed, regrets welled up, and there were no more chances to get things right. I know others who woke up to their normal life that day, but by nightfall one of their family members was gone. So my friends, today matters a lot more than you think. This destiny topic isn’t just a bunch of cotton candy, esoteric fluff that only applies to groovy type people. Destiny belongs to all of us, and while it might seem silly right now, I can promise you that a day in your life will come when the meaning of all this becomes crystal clear. For your sake, I truly hope that day arrives for you before the clock is running out.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to consider the unavoidable topic of your own mortality, and what you want to accomplish with whatever time you are graced with upon this earth.