Destiny: Oh Those Hardships!

Welcome back! The next thing we need to do is deal with the hardship that has come our way. This is especially difficult if we've been betrayed or violated in some way. But the truth is, as unfair as it is, it's up to us to overcome the effects of the harm that was done. [...]

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Destiny: Unshackle Yourself From The Past

Welcome back! We will never move forward into the clear and joyous light of destiny until we stop dragging the past around with us. We won't be able to make progress if the weight of the past has us stuck in place. The past holds too many people in bondage. There is no greater area [...]

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Destiny: Healthy Relationship With Yourself

Welcome back! Of final importance on this topic is our relationship with ourselves. As we are moving forward, staying centered and grounded is essential. It will take time to rein in or phase out difficult relationships and form cooperative partnerships. As we are going through the process, we need to ignore our own hype whether [...]

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