Welcome back!

Of final importance on this topic is our relationship with ourselves. As we are moving forward, staying centered and grounded is essential. It will take time to rein in or phase out difficult relationships and form cooperative partnerships. As we are going through the process, we need to ignore our own hype whether it is complimentary or critical. If you’re receiving accolades and being held aloft, by all means enjoy the positive atmosphere. Just don’t become a guru. Your destiny is from God and comes through you. Continue to give God the glory and you will have the staying power to be that beacon of light during the creation of your destiny and beyond. Conversely, you are not ruining anyone else’s world by pursuing your God given destiny. Some may try to lay a heavy burden of guilt at your feet, take offense to your new direction, or find a hundred other ways to oppose what you’re doing. The good news is, when people who try to disrupt your progress see you remain serenely unaffected, they’ll move on to someone else. They don’t really care who it is, they live for the drama they can create in the moment. Don’t buy into their hollow words and petty actions. Distractions are temporary. Your destiny is eternal.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to be true to you.