Welcome back!

There is one other critical element of setting a sustainable pace we need to consider. Setting reasonable expectations for ourselves regarding how quickly we’ll bring our destiny into reality can prevent a lot of unnecessary mental strain. We need to take the long range view and focus on steady forward progress rather than overnight success. We can do everything else totally right but if we mess up in the area of setting expectations, we’ll end up demoralizing ourselves. We can have the best attitude, support, and plan, but if we crush ourselves under the relentless pressure to succeed immediately, we’ll end up quitting. If we quit, we guarantee our failure. Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily. If you are diligently putting in your best good faith effort, that’s enough. Everything happens in God’s time and in its own season. You can relax, because you don’t control the outcome anyway. God does. It’s like gardening. You plant the seeds, and then let God work things through to their natural conclusion in His timing, not yours. The only sustainable pace is measured and relaxed, so you might as well get used to it early on.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to set truly realistic goals for yourself, and then relax and enjoy the trip! 🙂