Welcome back!

While in pursuit of your destiny, you don’t want to ruin your own health. Some of us with Type-A personalities have to learn this lesson the hard way. Sometimes it takes a serious health scare to get our attention and slow us down to a more sane pace of living. The human body was made for cycles of rest, work, and play. It was not designed for non-stop effort. Chronically pushing it beyond the pace of what your particular body can tolerate spells disaster. Eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep to feel rested. If your destiny requires you to put in extra-long hours for a period of time, that’s fine. But take a break when you need to and know when to get back to a more normal routine. You want to be alive and well to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

One essential way to conserve energy is to ignore distractions. You don’t have time anymore for other people’s pettiness or squabbles. If you’ve been involved in drama, exit stage left on the run! Nothing will throw a person off course quicker than drama. Some people lose endless amounts of time because they are entangled in problems that aren’t even their own. Unless it involves a beloved friend or family member and your direct involvement is absolutely necessary, let people fight their own battles. We do bear a responsibility to protect our loved ones. However, if the person’s crisis is self-generated and there’s no real danger involved, it may be best to just stay out of it. Some people will never learn to make better choices until they begin experiencing their own consequences. We actually do them more harm than good by bailing them out of their endless scrapes. Give them the dignity to solve their own problems. It is not your job to fix other people’s lives, it is your job to fulfill your God given destiny.

Another major energy drain is general negativity. You don’t need to hear all that’s wrong in the world right now. You need to be thinking about the positive. Better yet, this can be a vibrant time of celebrating all that is going well in your world. You can’t afford to have someone put doubts in your head, tell you that you’re crazy, or try to subtly convince you that you’re in the wrong for even trying. Attitudes are contagious and you want to make sure you aren’t unintentionally adopting anyone else’s discontented worldview. You’ve carefully crafted your thinking and approach to your destiny, so guard that well, by not hanging around negative people or situations and absorbing their unhappiness. A few people enjoy the attention that stirring up trouble brings them, but they don’t realize that their reputation spirals further downwards with every incident that takes place. Others love to gossip, and live for the wagging of their own tongue. You can end up in the middle of a mess before you know it. Don’t take this particular form of manipulative bait, or fall into the trap like prey.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to map out a plan that protects your health and provides you with the greatest degree of well-being possible.