Welcome back!

Releasing the seeds past fires have freed from their shell can propel your destiny far beyond what would otherwise be possible. We may have suffered at the hands of other people, caused suffering with our own bad choices, or had random painful events make a mess in our lives. God is with us while we clean up the damage, and He is the one who can turn what happened to us into some kind of good. While still acknowledging the pain it caused you, think about whether or not there is anything from the past you can use now for your own benefit, or the benefit of others. This does not mean we suddenly decide what happened was ok. The point is, it did happen and regardless of whose fault it was it’s up to us to find a way under, over, through, or around it so we can move on with our lives. If we were the victim, we can heal by allowing God to transform the harm that was done to use into something good. Usually that means we help other people heal from their wounds as well. It only takes one person to shine a ray of hope into the darkness for others to believe in what is possible. Conversely, if we are the ones who caused harm, we can make amends to the best of our ability, make healthy choices now, and accept God’s mercy and grace. Living in the past is destructive to the here and now. We need to deal with it and then let it go. What we learned from the mistakes we made can provide us with the motivation and wisdom to make better decisions for the rest of our lives.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to discern what is truly your responsibility, what isn’t, and then deal with it and then let it go.