Welcome back!

Once we have a clear zone, maintaining breathing room is essential. Allowing God to man our lookout tower provides us with the best possible protection. I can rest secure and focus when I know Great Spirit is watching over me and guiding me away from trouble. This happens when I listen. There are many ways God speaks to us. Our gut instinct, the little voice inside our head, our intuitive feeling of being led one direction or another, or a remark someone makes that resonates with what we are going through, are all God’s ways of talking to us. When we live in a mindful space of heeding God’s will and wisdom, we are far more likely to recognize overgrowth or trees for what they are, and take steps to stop them from making us vulnerable. Think about how you hear the voice of God in your own life, and what messages have been sent to you so far about your destiny. Learn to listen more attentively, and the ideas that seem so elusive now will suddenly be given to you, and the problems you were so convinced couldn’t be solved disappear at a time when you least expect them to.

Creating defensible space takes some hard work initially, but the zone of protection you set up can last for years to come. This is a stage of great vulnerability for your destiny, when you realize what it is really going to take to make it happen. Most of us don’t realize that the pursuit of a tangible dream, means we need to do some internal clearing of intangible debris. You may need to clear in stages, or in layers, or circles, or whatever fits for you. It may take several rounds of clearing the brush and the trees before you stand back and decide the zone is secure. Remember that the short term sacrifices can be amazingly worth it later, providing you with a level of security, freedom, and happiness you didn’t think was possible. God’s like that. He wants to bless you abundantly.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to listen to your gut instincts and trust yourself about what is healthy to allow inside the zone, and what isn’t.