Welcome back!

When you are following God’s call for your life, you have access to Divine Power. When you’re on your own, you’re limited to your own human strength. You won’t be able to see as far, create as freely, or strategize as well without God’s help. There is no greater danger to any obstacle in your path than pairing your natural ability with God’s supernatural power. Once we align our will with God’s will, quantum leaps of progress can be made, hurtling us towards the finish line much faster and with less stress than we could have achieved by plodding along on our own. But here’s the key – you have to allow God to help you! God is gentleman and honors the free will He gave you. If you really think you know more than God, and can achieve more without Him, He’ll respect that choice and let you carry on, at least for a time. But like any good earthly father, God loves it when we sit at His knee, ask for advice, and accept the help that He is so eager to give.

Two false thoughts stop many of us from accepting God’s grace and provision in our lives. We either believe that our problems are too big to be solved, or we believe we don’t deserve success. Imagine watching your earthly children make that decision. They made a mistake when they were eight, and now they’re convinced it’s a permanent situation nothing can ever fix and they’re condemned to a life of misery because of it. That breaks your heart, doesn’t it? With everything in you, right now, you want your children to know they are loved, not condemned, and that past mistakes do not define future achievements. You want them to realize we can learn from our mistakes and do much better the next time around. Friends, know that God holds us with the same tenderness in His heart and stands ready to unleash Divine Power into our lives. We don’t have to earn His mercy. It’s our gift if only we’ll accept it and rest in the assurance He can still do a good work in us, regardless of what’s come before.

Until next time, I’ll be praying that you get back on speaking terms with the God who loves you.