Welcome back!

People in unhealthy social groups never seem to think about the impact their advice will have on the other person’s life. They just want to spout off their own opinions. And that’s all they are is opinions, not facts. There really are people out there that take pleasure in stirring up trouble. They are usually people with great unhappiness of their own. There are also people who make unhealthy choices and as long as you do the same, it helps them justify their own actions. We’ve all encountered the meddlers and naysayers who sneer and jeer from the sidelines. While they can be disconcerting to run into, step back and take a good look. They’re on the sidelines, you’re in the game. You’re an athlete on the field, they are just a noisy spectator. Pay as much attention to them as you would to a drunken fan at a ball game. It’s trivial to you, so don’t take the bait or fall into the trap by engaging. If you’d rather be a spectator to someone else’s dreams instead of a full creator of your own, then go ahead and let the naysayers make your decisions for you. If you want God’s best for you, then go your own way and make your own choices.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to find the strength to say “no” when no needs to be said.