Welcome back!

Pursuing your destiny is going to change you in positive and life altering ways. As you bring your daily life more closely into alignment with your true purpose, it can’t help but change the way you experience and interact with the world. You’ll become a positive force for good, sending out a ripple wave of hope, faith, and wisdom. To some you will become a beacon of light in a sometimes confusing and distressing world. But sadly, for others you will become a lighting rod for hostility and resentment because you are moving forward in life. These are likely to be the folks that ridicule your dreams, harass you, and otherwise make deliberate attempts to make you feel bad or trip you up. It can be very helpful to remember that ridicule and bullying are reflections of the perpetrator, not of you.

Aggressive behavior is a neon sign displaying a person’s lack of maturity. These folks often think they are hilarious, or are showing off how “big” they are. What they don’t realize is that such behavior advertises that they are spiritual infants on the maturity scale, and clearly have issues in their life they have not yet resolved. Knowing that doesn’t lessen the pain they cause but it can minimize the damage. While the bully tries to make their actions the fault of their victim, at the core it is¬†always¬†about the bully. If it wasn’t that particular victim, it would be someone else, and chances are at any given moment in time it’s several victims. If someone is hassling you about your destiny, step back and take a good look at the individual and their life. You will not see a shining example of maturity, responsibility, accountability, or someone who is developing their God given talents. Their fruit on the tree does not even remotely resemble anything you want to create in your own life, and that serves as evidence that they do not know what they are talking about in regards to you.

As painful as their words might be, don’t absorb them. No one has the right to steal your destiny from you. No one. God gave it to you and no human being has the right or the power to take it away. God anointed you to complete the task He ordained you to fulfill during your lifetime. That’s why you’re here. We need to accept the reality that not everyone will support our new life and then prepare for that, so we can handle it skillfully when it does happen.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to embrace the new you, and everything it’s going to require to keep making forward progress.