Hello Team Destiny, and welcome to the third installment of a one-year mini-study of Make Your Destiny Your Reality.

Life breaks all of us at some point. Major problems, or too many smaller issues, can push us beyond our ability to cope. When that happens, it can be very easy to get lost in the immediacy and enormity of the situation. It can appear that much has been lost, never to be regained. Perhaps in some measure that is actually the case. But no matter how bad the damage is, we don’t have to stay broken. click on this link When a bone is fractured, we take it as a natural fact that it ends up being stronger when it heals. The brokenness is only for a time.

So it is with our lives. Regardless of the area of brokenness, and regardless of whose fault it was, we can transform the breakdown into a breakthrough. We do that by making the choice to shake off defeat and take bold action towards healing. Whether we heal by doing some relaxing yoga stretches, or perhaps by eating some comfort food, the important thing is that we come back stronger. Breakdowns hold valuable lessons for us. Only you know, in the quiet of your own heart, how the breakdown happened and what is needed to fix it. It is only by embracing that lesson – NOT the breakdown event itself but the lesson – that we can walk through the dark hours and emerge into the light of a new day. We can choose to experience the endless pain of brokenness, or the temporary pain of healing, so it makes smart sense to suffer for the shortest amount of time possible.

As part of our healing, we need to create defensible space, to minimize the chances of being broken again. The worst mistake we can make is to walk right back into a situation that will fracture another part of us. This is the time to decide what’s healthiest for us moving forward. Our final stage of healing happens when we are able to apply the lessons we learned beyond just binding up the wounds, and make real and lasting change that gives us the greatest opportunity to thrive. At that point, we are stronger and wiser than before and are well on our way to our destiny.

Standing in faith with you,


Meditation until next time

Today I will work towards healing the broken places. I will mindfully create defensible space around myself and my life. Great Spirit, thank you for leading me through my breakdown in the wilderness to the breakthrough of my promised land.