Hello Team Destiny!

It’s good to talk to you again!  I’ve been away from the computer and most of the rest of my activities the last couple of months because of rehabbing from a hockey injury.  I will continue to be on restricted activity status through the summer.  While I’ve been recuperating, speaking requests and fan mail continue to arrive in increasing numbers.  I’m thrilled to report that as promised, the book is changing lives.

Some who are hurting are finding hope and others have said they just plain feel worn out are discovering that life isn’t over yet. Others are embarking on new ventures to improve their communities and many have expressed finding fresh meaning in their personal lives.  I am humbled and deeply grateful for every story you share about how the book has helped you.

All of this prompted me to think about how to reach the greatest possible number of people with the destiny message.  How can we build our global community?  The bottom line I that I am unable to accept every speaking request I receive, and I don’t want the destiny message to be compromised by any logistical constraint.  So I’ve been strategically planning alternatives.

I’m in the process of retooling the entire business model, to allow the message to reach around the world and back again to every single person who needs to hear it.  I’m super excited about this new direction, and believe it’s even better than what I originally there envisioned.  I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

I’ll be away from the computer the rest of the summer, as I finish healing up.  This fall, look for the unveiling of the new direction we are heading.  Also watch for the publication of the companion workbook.  Until then, know I am thinking of you, planning to add even more value to your lives, and remain truly honored to share this journey with you.

Enjoy your summer!