Welcome back!

Once you make the decision to take a stand for what’s right in your own life, there are many avenues for healing. If you need to go to a twelve-step group, go. Work the program, get a sponsor, participate in the fellowship, and work the steps in earnest. If you need to go to a church group that focuses on healthy living, go. Work their program in full measure and participate in their fellowship activities. If you need individual time with a counselor to learn better ways to cope and live, ring one up and get started. If your challenges have left you physically depleted or ill, find a doctor and work with them. If you are too stressed out to think straight, try meditation, or contemplative prayers. Or sit alone for five minutes a day in stillness, asking your Higher Power to soothe your frazzled nerves. If metaphysical and energy¬† healing resources work for you, go find and utilize them. If you are from a culture that offers spiritual practices for healing such as sweat lodges, smudging, or other rituals, by all means have an elder teach you. What brings healing is different for each of us and none of us has the right to judge another for the tools they choose to use. The point is not to adhere to a rigid format, or be like everybody else, or even to follow conventional wisdom. It is to tap into whatever will finally clear your head, comfort your heart, and bring peace to your soul.

Intentional living is powerful. Intentional healing will create quantum leaps of progress, either breaking loose or lifting you above any logjam that has held you back so far. As you learn the joy of healthy living, you’ll incorporate into your life some of what got you well, so that you can stay well. You’ll have developed the wisdom to know where you begin and others end, where your responsibility does and does not lie, what you are truly accountable for in this life, and what kind of an impact you want to have. That will form the core of a new way of life that guides you in making daily choices and provides you with a bright future that is clear, open, and ready for your destiny.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to explore what methods of healing will best serve you.