Welcome back!

Once you’ve reached this point, the preparations have been completed and the fun part can begin! So far you’ve done the hard work of deciding to get started or beginning again, creating defensible space, claiming your resurrection power, finding healthy support, and unshackling yourself from the past. All of those things were necessary prior to actually getting started on the work of building your destiny itself. Just like painting a house, the prep work is necessary but sometimes a real pain to go through. It requires choices, conversations, trips to the hardware store, drop cloths, tarps, buying supplies, and endless taping. Few of us enjoy prep work. But it’s incredibly worth it, as it clears the way for progress. Think of all the time you’d have to otherwise spend cleaning up spills and messes after the fact. Congratulations on completing the prep work! It is a step some folks never take and it shows in the results they get. By being diligent and committed to the first necessary steps, you have equipped yourself well for the rest of the journey.

We discern our destiny by listening to our own hearts and watching for God’s signs of confirmation. We develop our intuition until recognizing God’s fingerprints on our life becomes a routine occurrence that keeps us on the right road. Our destiny is a Divine Gift from God, the reason for our being here, our work upon the earth. The primary way to discern our destiny is to pay attention to our dreams. Not necessarily the nightly kind, but the kind that live deep in our hearts and make our spirit feel vibrantly alive and thriving. Our dreams come from God and are how He gets our attention to move towards what we’re meant to do. Chances are the interest or talent has been there since childhood. Perhaps it got buried under criticism in our youth. Perhaps it was shelved because other people expected or demanded that we give it up for something they deemed more sensible. But if we get still and quiet, we’ll hear our dreams whisper that they have been there waiting for us all along.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to have fun figuring out what your destiny just might turn out to be. 😉