Welcome back!

Finding healthy support is a vitally important step to take towards making your destiny your reality. We did not create our life alone and we won’t create our destiny alone either. Your destiny will be a gift to people, and so can the creation of it when you allow carefully vetted others to assist you. Another reason for bringing others on board early is because there are dark forces and mean spirited peopled with hidden agendas in the world, and we need to protect ourselves from them. We will handle these situations far more effectively, and withstand them with minimal impact, if we have the benefit of wise counsel and encouragement from healthy people we can trust. We need to have at least one or two key people who have our best interest at heart. A person whose voice lifts us up above whatever negative we may be encountering. One positive voice raised above the din of chaos can be enough to power us through the turbulence and see us safely through to the other side.

Not allowing others to strip us of our God given gifts and vision is critically important. People need to be given their proper place and degree of power in our life. Simply put, if you try to build your destiny based on another person’s will rather than God’s will, your efforts are doomed to failure before you ever begin. The entire point of this is to become who God called you to be, not who other people expect you to be, or demand that you become. This is perhaps the first time in your life when you must make your own decisions. This is not the time for your parents, siblings, friends, spouse, co-workers, or anyone else to make the choices only you can make. Take a good look around. If the people in your life are not setting an example you can follow to reach your own goals, then it’s wise to blaze your own trail.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to figure out if there are people in your life who present an actual threat to your future, and then figure out how to recalibrate those relationships so they don’t damage you any longer.