Welcome back!

If you’ve reached this point and have a fresh sense of hope that God can solve your problems and you deserve to have a satisfying life, you may still be held back by a lack of belief in yourself to create something new. The power of the resurrection applies here too. The story doesn’t end with Good Friday. The run rose and the tomb was empty. Christ’s story wasn’t meant to end in defeat. And neither is yours. The entire point of the resurrection was to arise! You are being called to do the same thing. Rise up out of the ashes, be that first defiant blade of grass, dare to transcend all that’s transpired before and create something good to move forward with. For right now all you need to do is believe it’s possible. If you don’t believe in yourself yet, that’s fine. God is right there waiting and you can believe in Him – and let Him believe in you – and rely on His power until you can trust your own. If God had the power to raise Jesus from the dead, think of the new life He can breathe into your dreams. He can revitalize them in a way no one else can. Don’t fret about not feeling creative or capable right now. You’re still preparing to make your destiny your reality. Trust that when the moment in time comes for you to take creative action, God will provide you with the fresh ideas to start and complete the work.

Perhaps the best time to work on your destiny is late at night, after the kids are in bed and the house is quiet. Maybe you need less sleep than the average person, and you can get up one hour earlier than normal and tend to your dreams. It’s possible you have time you could carve out on the weekends. Or a hundred other solutions that might work for you. Whatever your particular logistical circumstances, the point is that all you need to do is figure out what time you can set aside to make space for the ideas to come to you, and God will bless you with creativity precisely when you need it. Don’t worry if you’re feeling too frazzled to find inspiration, or feel like you have to have all the answers right now. Incremental progress still gets the job done. Inspiration will come when you need it to. If it’s not happening, then you must not need it right then. Just make space for it and your destiny will be revealed to you in stages. Trust that God’s hand is in yours, leading the way.

Creating space for God to work in and through us makes our personal resurrection complete. It’s not enough to accept just the crucifixion, because the real power of the cross lies in the empathy tomb. If Jesus had simply died He would have been a martyr, not a savior. It is the glory of Easter morning that provides us with victory over every earthly circumstance we could ever face. Making our destiny our reality requires declaring our own Easter morning, and rising up and into the future where God’s glorious blessings await.

Until next time, I’ll be praying for you to proclaim Easter in your own life, and rise up from whatever burdensome crosses you have endured in your own life.